G02 Greyhound Cafe 歡樂二人套餐 Delightful Set for 2


套餐包括 Each Set Includes:

滋味小食 Small Bite
– 特色凱撒沙律 Caesar Salad with Country Style Dressing
– 脆炸粟米蟹肉餅配甜酸醬 Crispy Sweet Corn with Crab Meat
– 沙嗲豬頸肉 Satay Steak
– 啖啖蟹肉奄列 Crab Meat Thai Omelet


飯或麵食 Rice or Noodle (選一 Choose one)
– 黃咖哩海鮮炒河 Stir-Fried Seafood Yellow Curry Flat Noodles
– 海鮮菠蘿炒飯 Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood


主菜 Main (選一 Choose one)
– 炸鱸魚配甜酸醬 Sweet & Sour Fried Whole Sea Bass with Thai Mango
– 泰式海鮮冬蔭火鍋 Spicy Mix Seafood Tom Yum Hot Pot


甜品 Dessert
– 新年精選甜品 New Year Special Dessert

圖片只供參考 photo fore reference only

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